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Why Spending More Time Outdoors Could Be What You Need

Feeling frustrated by your current lifestyle? Is your work/life balance disturbingly unbalanced? If so, here are 10 reasons why spending more time outdoors could be what you need.

1. The outdoors offers a place to escape far away from the stresses you may be encountering if you live in a built up area or city. So big is the contrast that your mind will be taken far away from your urban grievances.

2. If living or working in a city is getting you down for what seems like no specific reason, there's a possibility your body and mind may be craving some fresher air. City's are well known for their pollution, whereas the greener life of the country is a healthy alternative.

3. City living is great fun, but when all you want to do is relax, the noise and busy activity you were once enjoying can actually start to get annoying. The great outdoors offers peace and quiet that you need.

4. If you have a penchant for wildlife and nature, then the countryside is the only destination when you're planning a short break.

5. One of the biggest gripes city workers have is their daily commute. Whether it's behind the wheel of their car or on a train, the long drawn out mornings and evenings getting to and from work is enough to drive anyone to stress. The outdoors offers a simple, slower life that will undoubtedly appeal for a break or even relocation.

6. Another urban condition that people aren't too pleased about is the lack of personal interaction. Although surrounded by people, city dwellers are not well-known for their friendly disposition and that can get on anyone's nerves. In the country, the serene lifestyle means more people are happy to say hello.

7. If you love to paint or take photographs, there are few more inspirations and stunning sights than the scenery of the countryside.

8. If you have children and live in a built up area, they not have experienced a greener world. Why not take them for a bike ride or to see the wildlife of the outdoors?

9. Walking has become a popular hobby and if you've not tried it, you really should. Great views, fresh air, time to clear your head - an outdoor meander may be just what you need.

10. For those that still think the countryside and outdoor life is boring, think again. Why not try a fun outdoor activity like fishing or shooting?

If you'd like to give them a go, you are going to need the right equipment and clobber. From fishing bags, rods, reels and other fishing equipment today to shooting clothing and accessories, why not see what's on offer today?