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Make That Vintage T-Shirt Come to Life With a Men's Linen Blazer

You've got 30 minutes to get to that portfolio presentation. Its an important meeting. The kind of important meeting that could make or break your entire career. This meeting is with some of the biggest and brightest brains this side of Brooklyn and you need to bring you A-game. If you think that you can show up to this presentation and get by with your B-game you should hit the snooze button on that Golden Girls commemorative alarm clack and go back to sleep.

If you play your cards right, one day your children's children's friends will ask their grandfathers to re-tell them the epic story of this epic presentation before they go to sleep. That said, you need to make a big impact at this meeting. You need to show up looking like a creative genius capable of swaying human thoughts and feelings armed with only a mouse and twenty minutes in Photoshop. This is your moment. What is the best way (read: fastest and cheapest) to handle this?

Two words: casual jackets.

Casual jackets are the key to making any lazy, t-shirt wearing, "creative" look presentable if and when they're subjected to deal with an actual suit & tie corporate client. (This tactic is also very good for presenting working-class husbands to pretentious in-laws as well.) The linen blazer is the Rolls Royce of casual jackets. Do you own hundreds of t-shirts and think that dress-shirts make you feel old? If so, the linen blazer is perfect for you, you contemporary Peter Pan you! Why grow up when you can simple dress up that old vintage t-shirt with a brand new mens linen blazer and wow 'em at that presentation?